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Professional Insulation in Edmonds, WA 

We Also Serve King and Snohomish Counties of the Washington State

Insulation in Edmonds, WA

Replacement for home insulation in Edmonds, WA, is another specialty we offer with an emphasis placed on protecting your home from rodent infestations. We offer free rodent inspection of a crawl space and attic of your home - the places where not many homeowners would like to visit.

Having the proper level of home insulation in the Pacific NW, is critical to saving money through increased energy efficiency. Even a 1% increase (vs manufacture's recommendations) of moisture content in insulation can cut its effectiveness by 25%. We remove old insulation and install quality new home insulation.


Our team also specializes in protecting your property from rodent infestations that compromise insulation through hard-to-spot entry points. The problem of rodents damaging houses is increasing. Rodents can chew through your wiring, causing expensive electrical problems like electrical short and fires. Additionally, rodents pose a significant health problem to you or your pets.  

If you have a problem with rodents, we'll find and eliminate access points, remove the insulation and replace it. Our team will monitor the situation for another month or two, to ensure that new access points haven't been established.

The experts at Revive Project Pros find creative solutions to solve your rodent problems and save you money.

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